“The Dark Crystal : Age Of Resistance” – A Netflix Fantasy Thriller Which Will Not Leave You Unsatisfied

“The Dark Crystal : Age Of Resistance” – A Netflix Fantasy Thriller Which Will Not Leave You Unsatisfied

Note : The following post contains no spoilers so read it without any fear.


Netflix always gives you goosebumps when it comes to Tv Series.This august Netflix gives us a lot of entertainment, past month we had seen the third season of 13 hour teen drama “13 Reason Why”  which was as good as its predecessor,we also had a second season of “Sacred Games” and by the end of August Netflix surprises us with a new fantasy Tv series “The Dark Crystal : Age Of Resistance”.


The Netflix new Tv Series “The Dark Crystal : Age Of Resistance”  introduces us with the magical world of Thra.This series mainly focuses on the war between the seven kingdoms of Thra and Skeksis,and don’t forget Skeksis are the bad guys here.The seven kinghdoms start this war against the Skeksis to make the Thra a better world again.But dont assume its just ended here we have our three main characters whom you will love Brea ,Rian and Deet.Mother Aughra unite these three (Brea,Rian and Deet) to fight against the dark powers of Skeksis.There are lot of amazing scenes in this series and you will totally get amazed that how the creators of the series  mix the fusion of Puppets and VFX.

“The Dark Crystal : Age Of Resistance” released last weekend on netflix so if have already watched it then gives us a review about it and if you still have not watched it then give it a try,it is a binge worthy and will leave you amazed.

With the release of the first season of “The Dark Crystal : Age Of Resistance” the show’s creator hint the possibilities of second season.In an interview the creator said “We hear what we call the G-word a lot in these interviews because of what the movie presents. But the movie is a pretty small story. And one of the recurring tropes of the show is that the story is much bigger than you imagine and much more complicated” they also added “Thra is very unpredictable and it follows rules that are consistent, but they may not be the rules you think they are, so you need to be very careful about watching that movie and assuming that you know everything.”

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